It’s an EPIC day at Dataguise!

Dataguise + eBay: Winners of Teradata 2017 EPIC Award for Enterprise Intelligence We’re thrilled to announce that, last night during the Teradata PARTNERS Conference in Anaheim, CA, Dataguise and eBay won a Teradata EPIC award for “Enterprise Intelligence.” We managed to capture the moment on video. Check it out below: Now in its 10th year, […]

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Data Minimization in the GDPR: A Primer

An important principle in the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is data minimization. Data processing should only use as much data as is required to successfully accomplish a given task. Additionally, data collected for one purpose cannot be repurposed without further consent. Data minimization is referenced in five separate sections in the GDPR. […]

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5 Trends to Watch for in 2017 in Big Data, Data Security and the Cloud

Content contributed by Dataguise CTO Venkat Subramanian and originally published on You don’t need a crystal ball to be able to foretell the following five inevitable trends that we’ll see proliferate throughout the year of 2017 and beyond: Trend #1: Growth in the Data-Driven Enterprise One of the most significant and exciting movements emerging […]

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Dataguise Customers Gather to Discuss Future of Secure and Compliant Data Infrastructure in the Cloud

For nearly a decade, Dataguise has established close partnerships with Fortune 500 enterprises to ensure their data security and compliance challenges are addressed. As a customer-driven organization, the company has formalized a customer forum for regular strategic interaction and joint planning. The Dataguise Customer Advisory Board is chartered with driving cross-industry improvements, accelerating and growing […]

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Protect the data, dummy.

In a recent video interview with at the PwC Business Forum, PwC cyber security partner Kris McConkey said in ten seconds what we at Dataguise have been educating the market on for the past several years: “A lot of organizations are going to be looking at how they secure data, as opposed to the […]

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