Most companies don’t know they’ve had a data breach until months after the damage has been done. According to a 2015 Ponemon report, malicious attacks can take an average of 256 days to identify, while data breaches caused by human error take an average of 158 days to identify. With DgSecure Monitor, you can know in just minutes.

Unlike traditional IT monitoring solutions for firewalls, networks, or applications, DgSecure Monitor is focused solely on safeguarding the sensitive data an organization truly cares about. It keeps track of who is doing what to your sensitive data—whether stored on-premise or in the cloud—and delivers real-time alerts whenever unauthorized access or unusual access behavior occurs. Download the datasheet now to learn more.


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Dataguise precisely detects and protects sensitive information in real time across all repositories so enterprises can safely unlock the benefits of big data. We make data security painless, delivering the only one-stop, out-of-the-box solution that provides the highest level of protection - no customer programming required. With some of the world's leading Hadoop experts on our team in the US and India, we're intensely focused on the future of big data so we can be the first to respond to emerging technologies. We're proud to secure the data of some of the largest, industry leading companies that are committed to being responsible data stewards. To learn more about how Dataguise is spearheading the secure data revolution, visit: