We know that with sensitive data comes serious responsibility.

As data gets bigger, messier, murkier, faster, and tougher to keep safe, it’s also getting more personal. Understandably, people are more concerned than ever about their online privacy and how their personal data is being handled. We believe companies are privileged to be the stewards of deeply personal information about their customers. By helping companies manage their data responsibly and respectfully, we help them build trust with their customers and become part of the secure data revolution.


We do everything in our power to serve our customers.

We do everything we can to serve our customers well, jumping faster, higher, and more flexibly than our competitors to meet their needs. We’re constantly thinking about ease-of-use and automation, trying to make data security as painless as possible for our customers.


Data moves at lightning speed — and so do we.

Data is evolving at a breakneck pace. To secure it, we need to move just as fast. We pride ourselves on being a quick, nimble, and hyper-coordinated team. When we learn about a new technology or a new customer requirement, we act fast and get things done.


We believe in directness.

Just as we’re focused on delivering uncomplicated solutions to our customers, we’re also committed to dealing fairly, openly, and honestly with one another so we can reach our potential — both as individuals and as a company.


We work with a clear purpose: to lead the secure data revolution.

We believe intensive work happens because we have a concrete goal in sight, not for the sake of it. We do cutting-edge work and encourage autonomy, independence, and creativity in our team members. We recognize how destructive apathy can be and embrace high energy, purpose-driven work. By being committed and focused, we believe Dataguise can lead the secure data revolution — helping companies safely and responsibly unlock the tremendous power of all their data.


We’re always looking ahead to the future of big data and cloud computing.

We know that today’s data will look different tomorrow so we’re intensely focused on where it is heading. We’re committed to being global leaders in unstructured data and emerging technologies. By staying ahead of the curve, we can be the first to adapt and evolve our solutions to help companies better manage the rapidly changing risks of big data.