Personal Data Discovery + Protection for the Enterprise

Dataguise is Now a PKWARE Company


“Dataguise has given us the confidence we need to rapidly innovate while maintaining compliance.”

Tyrone Mills, Chief Information Security Officer, Trōv Insurance Solutions

The Musts of Data Masking

Learn how to protect data privacy while maximizing data value in this executive guide.

Empower information security teams with precise visibility and control

80% of CISOs say they need better insight into how data is being used and shared

Information security processes are only successful when you know what and how information needs to be secured to achieve desired business outcomes. Without that knowledge, either you’re locking down entire data repositories, spending money to store data you’re not using, or you’re relying on processes and technologies that aren’t protecting all or the right data. Neither option is good for business.

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Give data analytics teams better data sets faster

Organizations that leverage customer behavioral insights experience 85% faster sales growth

Don’t let data security or privacy hinder your analytics-driven innovation efforts. Dataguise can protect personal and sensitive data with flexible masking or encryption options to retain maximum business value. Data sets ready for analysis can be delivered in near real time for fresher insights and better decisions based on the complete picture.

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Automate privacy operations for better, faster compliance with less risk

Gartner estimates the average cost of addressing a DSAR to be $1,404 per request

Data privacy regulations demand that you know exactly what, where, and whose personal information exists in your enterprise at any given time, and prove that it’s being used, shared, and managed responsibly. It’s a huge endeavor that just isn’t practical without automation. Let Dataguise simplify and accelerate compliance with privacy requirements across your organization.

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Give IT operations teams visibility and control to manage risk and costs

65% of data is put into the cloud by business users without IT’s knowledge

Do you really know where all personal and sensitive data exists in your enterprise data repositories, both on prem and cloud? For every single organization we work with, our industry-leading data discovery software has found sensitive data in unexpected places. We’ve even discovered entire data repositories unknown to IT that hadn’t been touched in years.

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Dataguise Partner Program

Dataguise customers have diverse and ever-changing needs. We recognize that by developing a strong network of carefully selected partners, we can deliver more comprehensive solutions, services, and expertise to our customers.