A Strata News Digest (excerpted)

GigaOm Research’s Andrew Burst had an excellent round up of big announcements made from the floor of the 2015 Strata+Hadoop conference. While we do recommend you check it out in its entirety, we paid special attention to Mr. Burst’s mention of us as one of the security players to watch at the expo:

“Dataguise, which has offered powerful data masking technology for Hadoop and for relational databases like Oracle and SQL Server, has now announced the release of its dgSecure product for Apache Cassandra. The interesting thing about NoSQL databases like Cassandra is that their loosely- and un-schematized architectures make it difficult to secure data in the database catalog itself. Dataguise’s dynamic data masking (DDP) redacts certain data on the fly, based on pre-specified configuration or automated detection by dgSecure’s DDP agents.”

Our data-centric approach to security is exactly what firms need to protect sensitive data in NoSQL databases. Check out the whole article at GigaOm: