Advisory Board

  • Selim Aissi

    Selim is currently Vice President of Global Information Security at Visa.

  • Osama Bedier

    Osama has executive experience in software development for companies where protection of customer information is paramount. As part of his contribution to the advisory board he is able to provide a broad perspective on the database security needs of enterprise customers. Additionally Osama has extensive experience in the areas of product development, program management, software engineering, eCommerce, streaming media, IP over satellite, digital rights management, and systems architecture. Currently, he is Vice President of platform, mobile and new ventures for PayPal, an eBay company that allows more than 87 million accounts in 190 markets to pay and get paid online, thus enabling global commerce. Osama was previously director of technology at DG Systems Inc./Starguide Satellite Systems and Initiative Manager of IT-B2B eCommerce at Gateway, Inc.

  • Mark Hoover

    Mark has been involved in the technology and market development of networking technologies over a period of almost thirty years, including 10-BASET, IP routing, FDDI, ATM, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Ethernet Switching, Firewalls, VPNs, and load balancers. Prior to his present engagements, he was the President of Acuitive, a strategic marketing consulting firm that helped define product and market strategies for start-ups, including Brocade, Alteon Websystems, Netscreen, Maverick Semiconductor, Redline Networks, and many others. He started his career at AT&T Bell Labs and moved to SynOptics/Bay Networks before founding Acuitive.

  • Steve Lawrence

    Steve has over 30 years of starting up and supporting technology companies in the federal government business sector. His experience spans across government, integrators, channel, and distribution partners. Steve was instrumental in bringing new technologies to this market while addressing DSS, FISMA, NIST, and many other security requirements. Previously he was the Vice President of Federal at Quest Software now part of Dell. Steve has also held key positions at several early and rising companies including, Sybase/Gain, Allen Communication, Mentor Graphics, and Tektronix. Focused mainly on emerging technology companies, he has helped numerous organizations prosper and mature in this critical market.