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The Story Behind Our Stories

“The Pulse,” I’ll admit, could be the name of practically any company’s newsletter. We could have called it “The Beat,” “The Bulletin,” or my personal favorite from circa 1997, “Connections.” But this name is particularly relevant for Dataguise, given what we do for our customers, and it has everything to do with our beloved company mascot, Odin the Orca. We chose him as our mascot because his name and the characteristics of his species reflect Dataguise’s leadership in detecting and protecting more types of personal information, in more types of data repositories, than any other solution provider in the world.

Did you know that orcas are found in every ocean of the world, in both open seas and coastal waters? They are the most widely distributed of all cetaceans (whales, dolphins, and porpoises) and can adapt to almost any condition. Although sometimes called killer whales, orcas are actually dolphins. They are fast, intelligent, protective, loyal, and social—a group of orcas is called a pod. Orcas are also excellent hunters. They use echolocation to navigate and hunt for food, bouncing sound off of objects to determine their location, size, and shape. As a whole, the orca species has the most varied diet of all cetaceans.

Like an orca, Dataguise thrives on variety. The Dataguise Privacy-on-Demand (PoD, get it?) Platform can quickly and accurately find personal information in on-premises, cloud-based data repositories, and through APIs – whether structured, semi-structured, or unstructured. It can also protect personal information in various ways that help organizations use the information responsibly to better serve their customers. Detection (or data discovery) is what we do best, using a patented method akin to echolocation to determine the exact quantity, type, and location of personal information across the extended enterprise. We’ve been perfecting that method for more than a dozen years because we know that you can’t protect personal information if you don’t know if or where it exists. Always having that intelligence is key to earning digital trust.

Speaking of variety and intelligence, Odin, the god of Norse mythology, was known for his great wisdom and considered a protector of heroes. And, he supposedly had a magical horse that could gallop through the air and over the sea. With a namesake like that, Odin couldn’t be a more appropriate mascot for Dataguise. He may be a cute cartoon character to the average viewer, but to us, Odin is a badass protector of personal data.

I’m a big believer in mascots to help keep organizations motivated and focused on their missions. For Dataguise, our mission isn’t about making a profit. It’s about making the world a better and safer place—and not just for digitally connected humans. Odin serves as our daily reminder that we humans share this planet with other majestic species, many of which are critically endangered or at risk from pollution, disease, and starvation. Every organization should do what it can to minimize those risks.

Living and working in the coastal San Francisco Bay Area, I’ve been lucky enough to see orcas in the wild several times, and I’m always awestruck by their beauty, intelligence, and behavior. To communicate with their pod, orcas use whistles and pulsed calls. Pulsed calls are the most common vocalization of orcas and are used for group recognition and coordination of behavior. Once we learned that little factoid, we knew what the name of our newsletter was going to be: The Pulse. We hope you find it a worthwhile read.

Solution Brief: Privacy and Security, Together for Greater Trust