Can Everyone in the Hadoop Market Win?

Dg Secure Analytics ProviderBig data wins aren’t about which vendor is better than the next or which analytics provider offers the best algorithms.

”Hadoop is transformative,” Hortonworks President Herb Cunitz told the crowd at the Hadoop Summit this week in San Jose, Calif.

It’s not an experiment. It’s not a technology for one application, he explained. “It transforms business models and creates new business models,” he said, adding that’s it’s not a “winner take all” one-vendor game.

The real value comes from an ecosystem mashup that might include products and/or services from technology stalwarts like EMC, IBM, Microsoft, VMware and others; data system providers like Actian, Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, SAP and Teradata; and application and business tool makers like Datameer, Platfora, SAS, SnapLogic and Tableau.

There are a seemingly endless number of vendors in each category and more and more coming out of stealth each week.

At the end of the day the third platform is all about “Community” it seems. While we can’t provide that latest on all of them, here are some announcements we took notice of this week.

Keeping Big Data Safe, Accessible

Big data can be a big deal unless it’s locked up where no one can reach it. Worse yet, it can become an absolute horror if the bad guys are able to access it when it’s supposed to be secure.

The question then is: How do you keep all your data and protect it at the same time?

Dataguise, which provides data-centric discovery and data protection for Hadoop and other big data environments, offers an answer with its latest version of DgSecure 5.0.

It was built to help companies scale sensitive data discovery, automate data protection and achieve a 360-degree view of their sensitive data assets across big data and traditional data repositories both on-premises and in cloud platforms.

Cloudwick and Pepperdata Team Up

Hadoop jobs can saturate disks or networks thereby interfering with other jobs and slowing them down significantly. That’s a big problem that can be easily solved if you use Cloudwick Insight for Hadoop.

At least that’s the pitch that Cloudwick, an open source systems integrator is making at Hadoop Summit today. Cloudwick Insight for Hadoop is powered by Pepperdata, which provides optimization software controls for all facets of system performance, including CPU, memory, disk I/O and network by user, job and task, in real time.

Microsoft Azure Loves Hadoop

The best cloud for Hadoop is Azure, and it will support any flavor you want. This morning MapR and Microsoft announced that enterprises would soon be able to launch a full Hadoop cluster based on MapR as an Azure Virtual Machine with a few clicks.