Big Data Predictions (Scorecard from last year)

Ugh, it’s coming up on ½ through the year already. 2015! Remember when you were a kid and you thought that by 2015 we’d all be riding on hovercrafts, with sting-ray guns and meal pellets (meals that popped out of a drop of water?) Well, with the exception of driver-less cars, those sci-fi predictions are […]

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Securing Enterprise Data Lakes

Real Lakes and Data lakes: In California, there seems to be an awful lot of lakes, even tiny ones, and no ponds. From my New Hampshire childhood, I remember small lakes as “ponds.” Which lead me to go look up the actual difference between the two… According to limnology (the study of water bodies), the […]

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Dying Giant Illustration (Courtesy of Steve Cox) In the last three months, three of our top five competitors have been acquired. Competitive acquisitions can be an earth-shattering event in the life of a startup. Perhaps not unlike Draft day speculation and mock-draft predictions in professional sports, the who’s gonna buy whom predictions, strategizing, and gameplay […]

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