Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR) are a common requirement in privacy regulations including the CCPA and GDPR. These regulations provide individuals with the right to request a copy of all information a company has about them, make changes to the information, and even demand its deletion.

Addressing DSARs can be a technological challenge and a resource constraint for many companies. Finding the personal information of specific individuals across systems manually is not a realistic solution and scanning large data repositories presents multiple challenges as well. Dataguise has the only privacy and security technology that offers an end-to-end solution scanning large repositories across on-prem and cloud environments.

Dataguise simplifies the DSAR process from beginning to end:

  • Consumer-facing interface from your website to securely receive requests
  • Efficient governance workflow including validation and approval of requests
  • Automation to find the relevant personal information across multiple systems and documents in different formats
  • Generate an organized DSAR report ready for easy review, approval and sharing
  • Implement Right-to-be-Forgotten – delete and “forget” a person using masking, encryption or hard-delete directly from the dashboard

DSAR, VCR, SRR and other acronyms are related to the same thing: managing requests regarding consumer data. Some terms you’ll hear with respect to the request process are tied to specific privacy regulations and indicate different requirements. Additionally, personally identifiable information (PII) and sensitive data can be used in lieu of personal information in some parts of the world.


Trends in DSAR Compliance and Success Models

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