Dataguise and Obsidian Systems Partner to Ensure Corporate Compliance with Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) Act

South African IT Service Provider, Obsidian Systems, to Market Dataguise DgSecure for Compliant Computing Operations Throughout Africa

FREMONT, Calif. — January 18, 2017 —Dataguise, a leader in sensitive data governance, today announced that Obsidian Systems, an IT professional services and support organization based in South Africa, has partnered with Dataguise to provide comprehensive data governance. Focused on enabling the data-driven enterprise, Obsidian Systems’ relationship with Dataguise is focused on strengthening data security and compliance for medium to large enterprises throughout Africa.

Obsidian Systems is a South Africa-based IT solution provider that brings vendor certified training and products along with local consulting and support to its customers. The company was started in 1995 to work with businesses and organizations looking to integrate and leverage Linux infrastructure and is now a top supplier of Open Source software solutions. Obsidian Systems has aligned with providers such as Hortonworks in the architecture of data analytics projects for organizations and the announcement today with Dataguise furthers their leadership in addressing upcoming regional compliance mandates, including South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) Act.

The PoPI Act went into effect in 2014 and mandates that organizations in South Africa operate responsibly when it comes to collecting, processing, storing, and sharing third-party information. The Act holds organizations accountable for the abuse or compromise of personal information in any way. It gives consumers certain rights of protection and the ability to exercise control over the integrity and accuracy of one’s data, how the information is shared, who accesses the data, how it can be used, as well as the ability to destroy it when requested. Dataguise DgSecure helps organizations to comply with the Act by providing complete visibility of customer data regardless of physical or virtual location within an IT environment. These environments may include Hadoop or other big data repositories, but can also include distributed database environments or unstructured file servers. After the identification of such data, the administrator has the ability to assign protection in the form of either masking, encryption, or tokenization with the ability to monitor/audit the data throughout its possession.

“Obsidian Systems is a respected IT solution provider that many organizations trust to build data infrastructure they can rely on. This includes partnering with world-class technology vendors with a proven track record in serving the Global 2000,” said Muggie van Staden, MD of Obsidian Systems. “With regulatory mandates such as PoPI a concern for many of the organizations we support, the experience, technology, and guidance from Dataguise has significant advantages in ensuring total data governance. We have been impressed with the company and its software from the start.”

DgSecure is a comprehensive data security and compliance solution for all data source types, allowing users to quickly understand what, where, and how sensitive data is being detected, protected, and accessed across the enterprise. The advanced features in version 6.0 provide all-in-one sensitive data governance, privacy compliance, and risk mitigation for total ownership of sensitive data in all its forms. The software supports the widest range of IT and data management frameworks and enhances the operational experience for data stewards and CISOs managing these systems.

“Privacy data continues to expand in terms of categorization and complexity. Therefore, it has become increasingly difficult to detect, protect, monitor and audit, both on-premises and in the cloud,” said Ron Miles, Vice President, International Sales. “Dataguise provides a comprehensive offering that accomplishes this with ease for complete confidence in the secure utilization of third-party information. We are proud to align with Obsidian Systems in providing one of the industry’s most thorough data governance platforms on the market.”

DgSecure and the all-new DgSecure Dashboard deliver the information needed to make intelligent risk-based decisions for the enterprise. To learn more, download the data sheet at

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Dataguise is a leader in sensitive data governance, giving data-driven enterprises a simple, powerful solution for global sensitive data governance. DgSecure by Dataguise precisely detects, protects, audits, and monitors sensitive data across the enterprise, on premises and in the cloud. Delivering a single, dashboard view of sensitive data security, policies, access, and trends, DgSecure gives IT and business leaders the insights they need to manage risk and compliance while maximizing the value of information assets. The company is proud to secure the data of many Fortune 500 companies committed to responsible data stewardship. To learn more, visit:

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Obsidian Systems is an established supplier of Open Source software solutions.The company was started in 1995 as a modest services provider targeting businesses and organisations looking to integrate and leverage off Linux infrastructure. The last two years Obsidian Systems has expanded its knowledge base by acquiring 25% of both Autumn Leaf and GuruHut. The expansion of skills is now a formidable team with Java™ expertise aligning our Enterprise Open Source solution for retail, supporting technology and consulting services across enterprise-ready open source infrastructure, big data, collaboration and bimodal IT strategies for your business. Obsidian Systems and its subsidiaries, GuruHut and Autumn Leaf strive to bring three legs to the South African market: the first being vendor-certified products, the second being local skills providing consulting, development and support and the third being vendor-certified training and certification. With these three elements, any organisation can trust the enterprise open source solution provided. Obsidian Systems is a Level 2 contributor to Broad-based Black Economic empowered supplier of open source software solutions in South Africa. For a smarter perspective on your IT visit us at and