Dataguise and WHISHWORKS to Host Webinar on General Data Protection Regulation

FREMONT, Calif., Jan. 26 — Dataguise, a leader in sensitive data governance, announced an educational webinar focused on the European Union’s GDPR data handling regulation which is intended to provide greater uniformity to sensitive data protection across the EU and better protect personal data processed for non-personal purposes. The webinar, scheduled for January 31, 2017 at 10 am GMT, will feature data security and compliance experts from both Dataguise and UK-based WHISHWORKS.

In May of 2018, the newly signed GDPR mandate comes into effect throughout the European Union. Organisations found in violation of these regulations are subject to severe financial penalties, as high as 4% of annual revenue. To support CIOs, CDOs, and IT security professionals in addressing GDPR, Dataguise is teaming with WHISHWORKS, a global leader in IT services and consulting, to educate those impacted by this mandate.

As part of the webinar, participants will learn how to free their businesses from GDPR constraints and unlock the power of data, one of the most powerful assets possessed by an organisation. Attendees will be educated on GDPR and how it can impact operations and be made aware of technical remedies to the requirements imposed. The imparted knowledge will include the empowerment of IT administrators by providing visibility into data and understanding which data is sensitive and what actions can lead to compliance failure. Strategies and tactics for protecting data that has been determined to be sensitive will also be reviewed.

GDPR Webinar Highlights:

WHO: Paul Capobianco, Principal Sales Engineer of Dataguise and Tony Ward, Head of Big Data Practice at WHISHWORKS
WHAT: Live Webinar: Understanding General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Strategies for Compliance
WHEN: January 31, 2017 at 10 am GMT/ 3:30 pm IST/ 2 am PST
WHERE: Free registration available to all attendees at:

“The impending reality of GDPR stresses the importance of data governance-now more than ever,” said Tony Ward. “Data management practices must better protect personal information, and anyone with insight into customer data must have the proper documentation and policies in place to prove compliance. In this webinar we take participants on a journey through the new GDPR regulations and give guidance on compliance.”

“When a person whose data was in commercial possession can prove damages resulting from an infringement of GDPR regulations, they have the right to seek restitution from the data controller and/or processor. Non-compliance penalties and administrative fines imposed because of violations can be substantial,” said JT Sison, VP, Marketing and Business Development. “Alongside WHISHWORKS, we look forward to providing our insights on GDPR and how the appropriate end-to-end security and compliance solution can provide maximum assurance with minimal complexity and cost.”

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