Dataguise Announces DgSecure 6.0 with Industry-First Dashboard for Sensitive Data Governance

Company to Unveil Visual Oversight of Data Breach Risk and Privacy Compliance at Strata + Hadoop World 2016

SAN JOSE, Calif. — March 30, 2016 — Dataguise, a technology leader in secure business execution, today announced Dataguise DgSecure 6.0, the newest release of the data-centric security platform that enables businesses to take complete ownership of sensitive data across all source types within the enterprise, including big data platforms, relational databases, and structured and unstructured data repositories. DgSecure 6.0 delivers the industry’s first comprehensive, visual dashboard to quickly understand what, where, and how sensitive data is being detected, protected, and monitored across the enterprise, both on premise and in the cloud, for streamlined sensitive data governance, privacy compliance, and risk mitigation.

According to a recent survey by the Ponemon Institute, lack of understanding over where sensitive or confidential data is located is the biggest worry to IT practitioners. This concern has increased significantly from an earlier study where IT administrators also expressed uneasiness over the potential exposure of sensitive data. Unfortunately, most organizations do not have a common process for assessing the risks to sensitive or confidential data.[1]

Dataguise DgSecure 6.0 introduces the industry’s first dashboard for comprehensive visualization of all sensitive data throughout the enterprise—including government-protected PII, PHI, and PCI data, as well as other data elements deemed sensitive or confidential to the organization. The dashboard provides an understanding of the following:

  • Status of current sensitive data throughout an organization with data processing across all sources, including Hadoop, SQL and NoSQL data repositories. With this dashboard, users can see in one glance where all sensitive assets reside and how much of this data has been protected by masking, encryption, ACL, and alert policies.
  • Potential exposures of sensitive data across the enterprise. For example, data assets that are large and yet not scanned by DgSecure.
  • Progression of sensitive data management across all sources. This enables the business to understand obstacles and gaps in their data privacy strategy and execution.
  • Opportunities for using the open metadata API, allowing customers to use metadata produced by the DgSecure platform to drive other actions.

“There are primarily two things to do with big data: monetize and protect. And both are equally important. No matter what else we do with big data, security and monetization almost always are also in the mix. Even if we are talking about platforms, and algorithms that we use to analyze big data, we are still talking about security when using cloud computing applications or monetization when describing the purpose of the analysis. Even if we talk about storing the data on the cloud, we are actually talking about being able to store and retrieve that data securely, and being able to perform access control and audits on it,” said experts at Data Science Central.[2]

“Business analytics, including those provided by DgSecure 6.0, are valuable decision-making tools, especially when the provided data is relevant, focused, and available in real time,” said Manmeet Singh, CEO, Dataguise. “The whole concept of a dashboard is based on the condition of a business in a precise moment in time. We have centered our efforts on the data within an organization that is not only essential to analytics, but critical for organizations to protect in defense of their customers and brand. With this insight and protection, Dataguise customers are able to unlock the full value of their data with confidence.”

Dataguise DgSecure 6.0 Sensitive Data Governance Dashboard title=”Dataguise DgSecure 6.0 Sensitive Data Governance Dashboard” />

Availability and Pricing

Dataguise invites attendees at this year’s Strata + Hadoop World in San Jose, March 29-31, to visit the company’s booth (#1608) to learn more about DgSecure, which will be made available in Q2/2016 and priced starting at $2,000 per node.

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About Dataguise

Dataguise is the leader in secure business execution, delivering data-centric security solutions that detect and protect an enterprise’s sensitive data, no matter where it lives or who needs to leverage it. Dataguise solutions free the enterprise from traditional security constraints to support the data-driven organization and maximize the business value of information. DgSecure by Dataguise makes data security painless, delivering a powerful solution that provides the highest level of protection without the need for programming. The company is proud to secure the data of many Fortune 500 companies committed to responsible data stewardship. To learn more about how Dataguise is spearheading the secure data revolution, visit:

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