Dataguise Debuts DgSecure Data Monitoring Platform

Dg Secure Data Centric Security SolutionThe platform keeps track of who is doing what to an enterprise’s sensitive data, and delivers real-time, policy-based alerts.

Data-centric security solutions specialist Dataguise announced DgSecure Monitor for monitoring, detection, and alerting of potential breaches of sensitive data across the enterprise and the cloud.

The platform keeps track of who is doing what to an enterprise’s sensitive data, and delivers real-time, policy-based alerts whenever unauthorized access or unusual access behavior occurs.

While it can be used standalone to monitor declared sensitive data, DgSecure Monitor works harmoniously and continuously in real time with DgSecure Detect to discover and monitor sensitive data.

“Instead of focusing on all data, Dataguise DgSecure Monitor focuses only on sensitive data. This prioritizes the alerts that may follow as high priority and greatly reduces false alerts,” Venkat Subramanian, chief technology officer of Dataguise, told eWEEK. “Furthermore, Dataguise uses machine learning and behavioral analytics to alert administrators when system, device, or human behavior deviates from the norm. These capabilities are integrated into a full-featured solution that now detects, protects, and monitors sensitive data from cradle to grave.”

He explained removing the need for custom coding greatly simplifies a product like DgSecure, where the range of platforms can increase complexity.

“Instead, DgSecure provides out of the box interoperability for rapid deployment without integration issues,” he said. “The exceptional engineering behind this provides a much more robust and reliable solution.”

DgSecure Monitor makes it possible to create focused data security governance policies using built-in or custom templates. It then analyzes actions taken on sensitive data by people, systems, and devices in real time.

If a policy violation occurs, an alert is generated. DgSecure Monitor also uses machine learning and behavioral analytics to generate alerts whenever user actions deviate from the typical behavioral profiles.

DgSecure Monitor is integrated as part of the Dataguise DgSecure data-centric security platform, an automated solution that offers continuous detection, protection (through masking or encryption), and monitoring of sensitive data across the extended enterprise.

“Data monitoring must be precise in order to provide value. Solutions that concentrate on sensitive data specifically will reduce the volume of alert storms that plague many security and compliance administrators,” Subramanian said. “Such storms, which often deliver endless false alerts, are a distraction. By narrowing the scope to the data that must be protected, and expanding the range of platforms the data resides in, the technology will find greater acceptance in addressing unauthorized data access or usage.”

DgSecure Monitor will become generally available in the second quarter of 2016, with the initial platforms supported by DgSecure Monitor including Hadoop, Cassandra, Amazon S3 and Blob Storage.

The company also noted platform support would be expanded as part of the technology roadmap throughout 2016 and beyond.