Dataguise Enhances DgSecure to Help Enterprises Comply with GDPR Right to Erasure and Right of Access Requirements

Update to Sensitive Data Governance Software Platform Expands Support for GDPR Compliance in the Cloud and On Premises

FREMONT, CA — May 22, 2018 — Dataguise, a leader in data-centric audit and protection (DCAP), today announced general availability of the latest version of DgSecure, the company’s comprehensive software platform for sensitive data governance. This enhanced version includes new capabilities for meeting the Right of Access and Right to Erasure requirements in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as expanded support for third-party data repositories and enhanced compliance monitoring.

The GDPR becomes law as of May 25, 2018 and includes requirements for: knowing and documenting all personal data held by your organization; informing individuals of the personal data you hold about them (Right of Access); the protection of personal data via pseudonymization (masking), encryption, or erasure (Right to Erasure); the detection, investigation, and prompt reporting of data breaches; and, maintaining records of data privacy protection and compliance. Organizations impacted by the GDPR face possible fines of up to 4% of total global revenue or €20M (whichever is greater) for non-compliance.

Dataguise DgSecure delivers a one-stop solution for the detection, auditing, protection, and monitoring of sensitive and personal data across a broad range of structured, unstructured, or semi-structured data repositories. New in DgSecure are enhanced capabilities that support GDPR compliance across the most data-rich environments in the enterprise, including:

  • Azure Data Lake storage discovery and protection
  • Teradata encryption and decryption
  • Snowflake sensitive data discovery
  • Enhanced sensitive data discovery for Windows file systems
  • Sensitive data masking in Amazon Web Services Simple Storage Service (AWS S3)
  • Increased ability to handle extremely large throughput in the cloud with horizontal scaling
  • Increased use of machine learning in sensitive data discovery

An important advancement in DgSecure is the software’s ability to help organizations comply with GDPR Article 17, which mandates the Right to Erasure or the “Right to be Forgotten.” Under this section of the regulation, an individual may request that an organization erase all of the legally erasable personal information in the entity’s possession, down to the last word. The person requesting this does not have to explain the request, but the organization must comply within 30 days. Dataguise DgSecure will discover and document all related customer data so that these requests can be addressed quickly and at scale.

“DgSecure makes sensitive data governance a simple process and greatly reduces overall time, resources, and complexity when compared to other solutions,” said JT Sison, VP, Marketing and Business Development. “This enhanced version of DgSecure extends the breadth and depth of our capabilities, positioning Dataguise as a technology leader in GDPR compliance.”

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About Dataguise

Dataguise provides a comprehensive data-centric audit and protection (DCAP) solution for complying with global data privacy regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). DgSecure by Dataguise precisely detects, protects, audits, and monitors sensitive and personal data across the enterprise, on premises and in the cloud. Delivering a single, dashboard view of sensitive data privacy, policies, access, and trends, DgSecure gives IT and business leaders the insights they need to manage risk and compliance while maximizing the value of information assets. The company is proud to secure the data of many Fortune 500 companies committed to responsible data stewardship. To learn more, visit:

CORRECTION: This press release was originally distributed citing an incorrect product version number of 6.4 The correct version number is 6.3. We have amended the press release to remove all version numbers referenced.