Dataguise DgSecure and Six Must-Haves for GDPR Compliance

Company Details Requirements and Capabilities to Safeguard Sensitive Data

FREMONT, CA — May 2, 2018 — Dataguise, a leader in data-centric audit and protection (DCAP), today highlighted six must-haves provided by the DgSecure security and compliance platform as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) prepares to go into effect on May 25, 2018. Deployment of Dataguise DgSecure will support organizations in avoiding violations of the dictate which will result in fines of up to 20 million euros (US $23.6 million) or 4% of annual revenue, whichever is higher.

“Over half of US multinationals say GDPR is their top data protection priority,” according to a report by PwC. “US corporations that are heavily invested in Europe will probably stay the course in the near term. Indeed, 64% of executives reported that their top strategy for reducing GDPR exposure is centralization of data centers in Europe. Just over half (54%) said they plan to de-identify European personal data to reduce exposure.”

Dataguise is the only vendor to provide a comprehensive end-to-end sensitive data audit and protection solution designed to help enterprises meet General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance requirements. The highly automated and machine learning powered technology moves the organization toward compliance and maintains audit readiness as the business expands. Dataguise DgSecure empowers administrators with the ability to detect, protect, audit, and monitor all sensitive data in adherence to the mandate, both on premises and in the cloud.

The following six must-haves for GDPR compliance cover areas to address immediately in order to ensure corporate compliance in the face of a rapidly approaching deadline. These include:

  1. Gaining a clear and comprehensive understanding of sensitive information across the organization. This can be accomplished using tools capable of identifying the location of sensitive data across distributed enterprise environments to better understand the company’s risk profile.
  2. Applying policy-based data governance techniques to determine the levels at which data should be protected and how to best accomplish this.
  3. Placing controls over critical sensitive data assets to defend against unauthorized insiders/outsiders.
  4. Automating sensitive data auditing for a comprehensive understanding of the data dependencies and risks.
  5. Generating real-time alerts to GDPR compliance violations, internally.
  6. Pre-planning and documenting data in and out of compliance so that high-priority assets and environments can be addressed.

“Organizations who are behind schedule should prioritize the data targeted for control and have the documentation in place to demonstrate a plan and associated progress made,” said Paige Bartley, a senior analyst for Ovum Research covering GDPR compliance. “While this may not seem ideal in comparison to striving for full compliance, it may be more justifiable than a last-minute, uncoordinated rush to meet deadlines.”

“With the industry’s most comprehensive solution for GDPR compliance and a team of experts at the ready, we are at the ready to support multinationals with this pending regulation, regardless of the perceived difficulties,” said JT Sison, VP, marketing and business development, Dataguise. “This will not be a one-time or even once-a-year requirement, it will be an ongoing process. Our technology helps in all areas, providing any size enterprise with a consolidated view of compliance and risk positions at any given time.”

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