Dataguise DgSecure Named Trend-Setting Product in Data and Information Management for 2018 by Database Trends & Applications Magazine

Empowering Organizations with Sensitive Data Discovery and Protection for GDPR Compliance, DgSecure is Highlighted Among Forward-looking Products in the Data Management Market

FREMONT, CA — January 10, 2018 — Dataguise, a leader in data-centric audit and protection (DCAP) software, has been selected by Database Trends & Applications Magazine as a Trend-Setting Product in Data and Information Management for 2018. Highlighting technologies that promise to help organizations derive greater benefit from their data, make better decisions, work more efficiently, achieve greater security, and address emerging challenges, the magazine’s list of forward-looking products helps illuminate the path on which the data management market is headed.

The requirement for successful organizations to maintain a constant state of compliance with current and new regulations requires intelligent human capital and the right technology resources. As big data volumes grow, cloud deployments expand, and an increasing number of individuals within an organization access more data for greater insights, the threat of a data security breach also increases. In this new environment, sensitive data will be entering and leaving the enterprise on an ongoing basis, compelling security and compliance officers to make sure they can effectively secure and monitor their organization’s sensitive data in real time.

DgSecure helps organizations meet existing compliance mandates and prepare for new regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) going into effect in May 2018. Dataguise is the only vendor in its category that provides end-to-end sensitive data security, compliance, and governance to help address the data privacy requirements of the GDPR. The powerful software detects, protects, audits, and monitors sensitive data in real time across enterprise data repositories, both on premises and in the cloud—all from a single platform.

With a policy-driven approach, DgSecure identifies and protects sensitive information with consistent procedures across data stores for total security and compliance of data at the source, in flight, and at rest. The solution is ideal for organizations seeking to access sensitive information for business analytics or other purposes as it provides the flexibility to have centralized policy control and/or decentralized control with broad policy guidance from a single interface. Administrators have the option of anonymizing data through masking or using encryption as required across any data repository on premises, in the cloud, and within hybrid environments.

“Protecting enterprises against the expanding list of threats to data security and compliance is our primary goal. We are pleased that Database Trends & Applications Magazine has chosen to include DgSecure as a forward-looking product that is helping to set the trend in data and information management in 2018,” said JT Sison, VP, Marketing and Business Development for Dataguise. “With new threats emerging on an almost weekly basis, we are proud to be at the forefront of an industry focused on preventing the exposure of sensitive data and helping organizations comply with today’s rigorous compliance mandates such as GDPR.”

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About Dataguise

Dataguise is the leader in sensitive data governance, providing data-centric audit and protection (DCAP) solutions that discover sensitive data and keep it secure. DgSecure by Dataguise precisely detects, protects, audits, and monitors sensitive data across the enterprise, on premises and in the cloud. Delivering a single, dashboard view of sensitive data security, policies, access, and trends, DgSecure gives IT and business leaders the insights they need to manage risk and compliance while maximizing the value of information assets. The company is proud to secure the data of many Fortune 500 companies committed to responsible data stewardship. To learn more, visit: