Dataguise for Microsoft Information Protection (MIP)

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  • Discover all personal information and other sensitive data and tag with MIP-readable labels
  • Apply integrated protection and controls for enhanced information security
  • Free for 30 days


Now for a limited time, current MIP customers can try Dataguise at no cost. That means you can discover, tag, and monitor your organization’s personal and sensitive data free of charge. This offer is available for all data located across:

  • Microsoft products
  • PDFs
  • Windows file systems
  • SharePoint

Why Dataguise

Pioneering Personal Data Discovery and Protection Since 2007

Dataguise helps organizations minimize risks and costs as they store and use personal data to drive business growth. From critical data security and data privacy processes to strategic data analytics and IT transformation initiatives, we empower business teams across the enterprise with an outcome-driven approach to managing personal data. Our AI-infused data discovery and protection software is simple to use on a broad range of data types and repositories, delivering precise, automated visibility and control over personal data at scale. Some of the most recognized brands in the world rely on Dataguise to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their governance, compliance, and data-driven innovation efforts.


See How Dataguise Can Help You


Identify personal information and other sensitive data across all repositories.


Protect sensitive data at the element level with masking and encryption strategies.


Track how and where sensitive data is moving through a 360-degree dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Dataguise complement MIP?

Dataguise software complements MIP by offering personal and sensitive data discovery in the cloud. MIP’s automated scanner does not run on any cloud platform, even Azure, only on premises. Dataguise works with Microsoft MIP on Azure as well as on AWS and Google Cloud. It can scan and tag data stored in Microsoft products and PDFs on any of these cloud platforms. Once tagged, MIP can perform downstream actions such as file encryption or access control based on the tags.

Does Dataguise offer tagging, and can MIP use it?

Yes, Dataguise provides tagging of sensitive and personal data, and MIP (or any security solution that supports MIP labels) can read the tags and perform the necessary downstream actions to protect it.

Does Dataguise provide element-level protection?

Yes, Dataguise software delivers sensitive element-level discovery and protection across all data stores.

Does Dataguise work on other cloud platforms?

Yes, Dataguise software works seamlessly on other cloud platforms, including AWS and Google Cloud.

Where can Dataguise be installed?

Dataguise can be installed on Azure and on any other public or private cloud, or on premises.

What can Dataguise scan on Azure?

Dataguise software scans blob storage, Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 1 and Gen 2, Microsoft SQL server, and HD Insights on Azure.