Dataguise Introduces Security, Compliance Suite for Big Data Governance

As Big Data continues to become the big thing, a security and compliance ecosystem is evolving tailored to Big Data deployments. This week, Dataguise unveiled a new product that exemplifies this type of solution, the Data Governance suite.

Dataguise calls the software “the industry’s first solution suite for Big Data Governance.” Designed to work with Big Data in a range of formats, among them transactional databases, Hadoop and cloud shares, the platform provides security and auditing-compliance features for a Big Data environment.

Specifically, the Data Governance suite allows enterprises to set data management and access policies, controlling which users can access data and what they are allowed to do with it. The software also provides a “sensitive data discovery” feature that helps organizations to “find and track sensitive data in the enterprise, whether at rest or in motion, in structured or unstructured format, across heterogeneous data platforms,” according to the company.

Dataguise hopes the product will allow it to tap into increasing demand for security and auditing solutions that can perform on a larger scale than those of the pre-Big Data era. “With the ever-increasing amounts of data from new and varied sources that can be structured, unstructured and semi-structured, identifying, categorizing and ranking privacy and security risks has become a major challenge in enterprises today,” said Patty Nghiem, vice president of Marketing and Business Development at Dataguise, in a statement. “With the Dataguise for Data Governance suite, for the first time, organizations who value protecting their data assets have the tools, visibility and automation that are crucial for discovering sensitive data, maintaining compliance, mitigating risk and facilitating data governance—especially given the rise of Big Data initiatives.”