Dataguise Powers DgSecure Monitor with Apache Eagle for Immediate Sensitive Data Breach Alerting

Apache Eagle Selected for Unmatched Extensibility, Accuracy, and Performance

FREMONT, Calif. — October 12, 2016 — Dataguise, a technology leader in secure business execution, today announced the integration of Apache Eagle as part of its DgSecure Monitor solution. Chosen for its extensibility and advantages in machine learning, the integration of Apache Eagle in DgSecure Monitor is critical for both current and future data-centric security and compliance monitoring applications.

DgSecure Monitor delivers powerful and detailed analysis across data stores, allowing users to quickly understand what, where, and how sensitive data is being accessed across the enterprise. The advanced features provide all-in-one sensitive data governance, privacy compliance, and risk mitigation for total ownership of sensitive data in all its forms. The early warning capabilities of DgSecure Monitor are focused solely on safeguarding the sensitive data that an organization is most focused on, cutting through petabytes of data quickly to detect potential data breaches in just minutes, regardless of whether the data is stored on premises or in the cloud.

Apache Eagle is an open source monitoring platform for instantly identifying security and performance issues on big data platforms such as Apache Hadoop. Advantages of the platform include the ability to analyze activities across data streams, using a state-of-the-art alert engine that identifies security breaches and performance issues, and provides insights into both.

Apache Eagle was chosen to serve as the analytics engine for DgSecure Monitor, which provides highly accurate sensitive data security and compliance monitoring for all information under management.

“The integration of Apache Eagle and DgSecure Monitor is a first of its kind implementation in the data security and compliance monitoring space. The platform is unique in that it allows a high degree of customization and scalability to meet the most demanding and data intensive environments,” said Arun Manoharan, Senior Product Manager and PPMC of Apache Eagle. “The integration with DgSecure is a win for Dataguise and Apache Eagle that supports next-generation data architecture and provides validation for innovators engaging the platform.”

A study by the Ponemon Institute found that malicious attacks can take an average of 256 days to identify while data breaches caused by human error take an average of 158 days to identify. It also confirmed that the longer it takes to identify a breach, the greater the cost. Identifying a breach can go unnoticed for weeks or months, most commonly because of the number of security technologies deployed. Because of the security infrastructure in place, enterprises must sift through mounds of data about their data before understanding where real threats exist. DgSecure Monitor, powered by Apache Eagle, makes quick work of this analysis, cutting the alert time down to sub-seconds.

“The Apache Eagle community is actively improving product coverage to support various emerging big data platforms,” said Edward Zhang, Apache Eagle Architect and PPMC. “We are happy that the DgSecure product team is actively contributing new features back to open source which helps to solve difficult problems related to enterprise security monitoring.”

“The responsiveness and overall functionality of DgSecure Monitor is significantly enhanced by the use of Apache Eagle as the engine,” said Subra Ramesh, Vice President, Products and Engineering for Dataguise. “The platform was instrumental in the build-out of our sensitive data monitoring solution primarily because of its reliable performance, unmatched scalability, and advanced machine learning capability.”

DgSecure Monitor Pricing and Availability

DgSecure Monitor tracks who is doing what with an organization’s sensitive data and delivers real-time, policy-based alerts whenever unauthorized access or unusual access behavior occurs. The latest generation software is part of the DgSecure 6.0 security and compliance suite and is available immediately. Pricing starts at $2,000 per node and scales based on configuration. Learn more by downloading the DgSecure Monitor data sheet at:

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