Dataguise Releases DgSecure 6.0.5

Big Developments In Big Data

The big data industry is off to a fast start this year with many companies – both established vendors and startups – debuting new or upgraded software for business analytics, data management and other big data jobs.

While these new and updated products cover a broad range of big data technologies, some common themes run through them – primarily answering the challenges of how to simplify the chore of combining and preparing data for analytical tasks, and how to make data from widely diverse sources easily accessible to analysts, data scientists and other users.

Here’s a look at 15 product rollouts that solution providers following the big data space should be aware of. Some, but not all, of these were unveiled at this week’s Strata + Hadoop World conference in San Jose, Calif., or were being demonstrated there.

Arcadia Enterprise 4.0

Arcadia Data provides visual analytics software that’s able to handle the most complex big data analysis problems. The software makes Apache Hadoop, cloud-based data lakes and other big data sources more accessible to a wide range of business users without the need to extract and move data.

Arcadia Enterprise 4.0 offers a new material design user interface based on Google Design, the UI design language created by Google in 2014. New proactive alerting and scheduling features support real-time data. And new secure extranet capabilities make it possible to publish data applications externally to thousands of users.

On the development front, new point-and-click rapid application features in the Arcadia Visual Designer help users define workflows and customize applications to meet company standards.

AtScale 5.0

AtScale’s software provides a way for users of mainstream business analytics and visualization software, such as Tableau and QlikView, to tap into the huge volumes of data stored in big data systems like Hadoop.

AtScale 5.0 provides a new multidimensional calculation engine that supports the MDX query language for modeling complex business processes, a performance optimization engine that uses machine learning to optimize query performance, and a data abstraction layer that provides access to relational and other on-premise and cloud data sources. The 5.0 release also offers enterprise-grade security, data governance and metadata management capabilities.

AtScale was recently granted a patent on its platform’s calculation engine that provides the links between data sources and data visualization tools.

Attunity Compose 3.0

Compose 3.0 is the latest release of Attunity’s agile data warehouse automation software that helps businesses speed up analytics projects, optimize development and ETL (extract, transform and load) processes, and reduce risk.

The highlight of the 3.0 edition is a series of significant enhancements to the software’s ETL capabilities ,resulting in a 10-fold increase in ETL processing speeds. New advanced DevOps processes (in development, testing, acceptance and production) streamline data warehouse design, development and rollout processes.

Also new is advanced version control, integrated with enterprise source control systems, for rolling projects back to earlier versions. And Compose 3.0 improves team collaboration and enables multi-user development projects by supporting concurrent development of models, mappings and data marts.

Cazena Data Science Sandbox As A Service

Cazena develops a cloud-based analytics platform for data science and data warehousing tasks. The service runs on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Cazena notes that data scientists are in high demand, but sometimes their work is hindered because their company lacks the DevOps resources or expertise needed for advanced analytics projects. The new Data Science Sandbox as a Service allows data scientists themselves to perform a wide range of analytics in a flexible cloud environment without having to build, manage or maintain the underlying technology.

The sandbox includes data storage, processing, security, tools and support for R, Python, SQL and other analytics languages. Data scientists can interact with the service through a web interface, other preferred applications or scripts, or built-in tools such as RStudio Server Pro or Hue Notebooks.

Couchbase Data Platform

NoSQL database developer Couchbase debuted a new release of the components of its data platform including Couchbase Server 4.6, Couchbase Sync Gateway 1.4, Couchbase Kafka Connector 3.0 and Couchbase Spark Connector 2.0.

Enhancements to the product suite enable the development of web, mobile and Internet of Things applications that can be deployed at mass scale.

New capabilities in Couchbase Server 4.6 provide easier global deployments, advanced security capabilities, integrated .Net application development, and built-in support for rich data structures including maps, lists and sets. Couchbase Sync Gateway 1.4 offers limitless scalability for mobile and IoT applications.

Dataguise DgSecure 6.0.5

Dataguise’s new release of its DgSecure data governance software provides data monitoring and masking capabilities for sensitive data stored in Apache Hive data warehouse systems. Hive systems generally hold large datasets stored in Hadoop HDFS file systems.

Also available in the new edition is data monitoring capabilities for MapR, Teradata and Oracle database systems. It provides structured encryption and decryption for European languages. And an enhanced REST API enables multicloud service interoperability, in addition to on-premise functionality. View More