Dataguise Tool Makes It Easier To See Who’s Doing What With Sensitive Data

The new DgSecure Monitor tool from Dataguise is the first real-time monitoring solution focused on sensitive data elements with support for both big data platforms in the cloud and on-premises data repositories, the company says.

DgSecure essentially cuts through the clutter provided by most traditional IT monitoring solutions. Such clutter, Datagiuse notes, can produce an unmanageable amount of alerts and result in months of analysis before spotting a breach. In constrast, DgSecure Monitor focuses only on the sensitive data your organization cares about.

DgSecure Monitor is part of the DgSecure security platform and works with DgSecure Detect to find and monitor sensitive data as soon as it’s created. You’ll create data security governance policies using DgSecure Monitor’s built-in or custom templates. Plus, DgSecure uses machine learning and behavioral analytics to generate alerts when users deviate from a typical behavioral profile.

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