DgSecure Dashboard

Get a single comprehensive view of sensitive data governance across your enterprise.

Sensitive data is constantly flowing in and out of your enterprise—and to and from the cloud—whether you know it or not. As big data gets bigger and cloud usage increases, governing sensitive data and managing digital risk at an enterprise level are daunting challenges. At any given time, you need to know:

Dataguise DgSecure Dashboard Datasheet

  • Where does sensitive data exist in our data repositories, on premises and in the cloud?
  • What sensitive data is being protected, and how?
  • What sensitive data is exposed and at risk?
  • Who is accessing sensitive data, and when?
  • Are we experiencing a breach of sensitive data right now?

With DgSecure and the all-new DgSecure Dashboard, you’ll always have the answers, right at your fingertips, so you can make the best risk-based decisions for your business.

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