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Easy Just Got EASIER!

Dataguise DgSecure software has long been recognized by customers for its ease and simplicity to deploy – requiring no coding to set up. By adding our On Demand Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, businesses can now take ongoing advantage of our powerful sensitive data discovery software with even greater ease.

A Few Clicks. All Set

Start scanning your data in just a few clicks with DgSecure. The process couldn’t be any easier. Users simply click on a URL we provide to see a list of available databases available, select those they want to run data discovery scans on and wait for the results. No extra hardware. No software configurations. No additional resources or coordination needed.

Leverage Dataguise’s Compliance Expertise

Having a powerful data discovery tool is in itself great. Maximizing it for your business with DgSecure On Demand overcomes what could have presented unforeseen data compliance challenges. DgSecure On Demand comes with expert built-in policies by default, allowing you to choose from a list of popular U.S. privacy regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, and PII. Once any of our policies is selected, DgSecure On Demand will classify data specific to your chosen compliance needs – simple as that!


The GDPR came up fast for many companies. We are fully ready to help you comply, now. Understanding what and where the EU GDPR-defined personal data is in your organization’s data stores is the first and often most important step toward demonstrating compliance with the new law. In addition to our popular U.S. policies, DgSecure On Demand also comes with predefined policies to quickly and exhaustively identify personal data, precisely as is newly defined by the GDPR, freeing your time to tackle all the remaining compliance challenges these new laws present.


Currently DgSecure OnDemand enables data discovery through a simplified user interface for Amazon Redshift data warehouses and Amazon RDS databases. For other targets, DgSecure’s traditional on-premise user interface is available, along with services to help you get started. However, given the inherent advantages of SaaS, new features and supported data repositories will continually be released and made available instantly through the new simplified user interface. Tell us now what additional repositories you need supported by us to become a Dg Secure On Demand customer. No more hassling with software updates or coordinating resources to maintain system softwares.

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