Technology Gaps That Will Make or Break Your Data Privacy Operations & Compliance Strategy

Prepare Now to Meet Ongoing and Emerging Privacy Regulatory Requirements

It is personal data that represents, traces, and reveals our essence—the footprints of our lives. Explosive growth in new technology provides people a constant stream of choices in whether and when to be connected and to share their personal data. Artificial intelligence and machine learning enable companies to collect, track and sell vast amounts of personal data about people’s connections, choices, and activities. Technology tipped the scales in favor of companies, and privacy regulations are emerging in response to people’s concerns about data privacy.

This eBook provides an overview of the technology gaps that most impact a company’s ability to meet data privacy requirements. Understanding these gaps allows a company to better prioritize activities, budgets, and resource gathering. Key areas of consideration include:

  • How you discover personal data
  • Finding the identities behind the data
  • Requirements for Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs)
  • Implementing ‘Right to Erasure’ effectively
  • Recommended next steps to take