Public sector organizations continue to embrace new technologies, such as big data analytics and cloud computing, to enhance decision making, strengthen relationships, and increase operational efficiencies. But, data privacy and security are still considered the highest priority risks on the radar of federal agencies, both current and anticipated in the future.*

Cyber criminals are targeting federal agencies with increasingly large-scale and sophisticated attacks, while insider threats persist. Many organizations do not have adequate policies, processes, or technologies in place to protect sensitive information or mitigate the impact of a data breach. Sensitive data assets must be protected before they can be of value to the mission. Before they can be protected, they must be detected.


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Dataguise helps public sector organizations maintain visibility and control over their most sensitive data assets for more precise risk and compliance management.

Dataguise DgSecure is a comprehensive, data-centric audit and protection solution that can discover sensitive data across the enterprise—on premises and in the cloud—and keep it secure. With one, simple, powerful platform, you can:

  • Discover all sensitive data that exists across all your data repositories
  • Mask sensitive data with fictitious values to maintain privacy while maximizing usability
  • Encrypt sensitive data that requires limited access to real values
  • Report on sensitive data entitlement, protection status, and access trends
  • Monitor sensitive data and get alerts whenever sensitive data is discovered or unusual access activity occurs

FOCI Compliance Based on SF-328:
Dataguise is a VC-backed company based in Fremont, California with no foreign board or investment greater than two percent and no single foreign customer or person generating five percent of annual revenue. All products are manufactured and distributed from the U.S. and qualify under the U.S. “Buy American Act.” Dataguise workday support is manned from California by U.S. citizens.


Leading public sector organizations partner with Dataguise to keep highly sensitive PII and PCI data secure.

Navy Federal Credit Union

Navy Federal Credit Union aims to be the preferred and trusted financial institution serving the military and their families, growing from seven to more than five million members since 1933. The company uses Dataguise detection in conjunction with Compuware database masking to protect the private data of its members across large, complex, multi-vendor data in Oracle, Microsoft SQL, IBM DB2, Sybase, and MySQL.

U.S. Government Insurance Agency

An independent U.S. Government insurance agency needs to protect all Personal Identifiable Information (PII) data that is copied and accessed in non-production Oracle systems. Dataguise detection and masking successfully uncovers sensitive data during the staging of new non-production environments, and dynamically masks sensitive data in high-performance in-database agents.


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*According to PwC’s latest Federal Enterprise Risk Management survey.