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GDPR Compliance Step#1:
Know Your Data

Think you know all about personal data in your enterprise? Think again.
Discover the fundamental first step for GDPR compliance.

GDPR Requires Accurate Discovery of All Personal Data

You have to know where sensitive and personal data is located before you can take steps to protect it. That’s not an easy task without Dataguise.

Accelerate GDPR Compliance with Dataguise DgSecure

Technology alone won’t achieve GDPR compliance. But one technology solution can help you get there faster, with a stronger footing, than any other.

The Top 3 Questions You Need to Ask Any Potential Data Security Partner

When searching for a data security partner for your business, it’s essential they answer yes to the following questions:

Can you scale to petabyte scale?Dataguise secures data repositories of all sizes faster than our competitors, from a few gigabytes to hundreds of petabytes.

Can you get data security up and running in minutes?There is no need for a long, drawn-out proof of concept that takes months. Dataguise begins securing our customers’ data instantly.

Can you secure sensitive data across platforms?Dataguise offers a fast-growing library of pre-built data privacy policies used by some of the largest financial services, retail, healthcare, and government organizations today.



Ken Chestnut

"Customers are increasingly looking for new ways to efficiently protect their data. We are happy to support Dataguise as they help customers get the most value from data, especially in highly regulated industries, with a comprehensive, scalable, and enterprise-grade infrastructure that is secure and compliant."

Ken Chestnut

Senior Manager, Partner Ecosystem / Amazon Web Services
Mark Cassetta

"With the emergence of Big Data repositories, the task of knowing where all of an organization’s critical data sits is overwhelming. Working with Dataguise provides our customers with a view into these structured data pools. This is key, as it enables us to offer customers a complete, end-to-end data identification strategy, no matter where their data resides."

Mark Cassetta

SVP Strategy / TITUS
Jay Irwin

"The wave of IT security breaches continue to threaten organizations globally, moving businesses to reinforce existing defensive actions against such attacks. Thanks to advances in enterprise security and compliance provided by Dataguise, these concerns can be further minimized."

Jay Irwin

Director, Teradata Center for Enterprise Security / Teradata
Tyrone Mills

"When we became aware of Dataguise, what really clicked was the ability to find sensitive data in our structured and unstructured data sources, including Amazon S3 buckets, MySQL, MongoDB databases, and so on."

Tyrone Mills

Chief Information Security Officer / TRŌV
Nicole Herskowitz

"With the integration of Dataguise DgSecure and Microsoft Azure, enterprises can move to the cloud with complete confidence that their sensitive data will be better protected. DgSecure’s unique, data-centric approach to on-premise and cloud-based data security enables seamless deployments to Microsoft Azure with higher utilization rates and more productive user experiences."

Nicole Herskowitz

Senior Director of Product Marketing / Microsoft Azure

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