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Privacy Bash

Join Dataguise for the privacy party of the year as we host this year’s annual Privacy Bash at
the Global Privacy Summit. Relax, have fun, connect with old friends and make new ones too.

Thursday, May 2
5:00pm – 7:30pm
Marriott Marquis Washington, DC

Speaking Sessions

Dataguise is proud to share the stage this year with fellow data and privacy professionals as
presenters at IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2019

Wednesday, May 1

Sagi Leizerov

SVP, Enterprise Privacy Solutions, Dataguise

Christopher Glover

CEO, Identity Aware Solutions

Constructing Identities from Data

9:00am–10:00am   add to calendar

Finding and confirming an identity in data is not always a clear-cut
case. More often than not, the process of searching for data subjects
in large data sets, and attempting to match them across different data
sets, is a matter of a statistical confidence range. This session will explore
the key technical details behind the calculations needed for identity
matching, the challenges behind it, and the opportunities it offers to
the field of privacy management.

Arif Khan Moderator

Director, Pre and Post Sales, Dataguise

Kevin Murphy Panelist

DVP, Global Information Security & Data Privacy, Corning

Mike Tibodeau Panelist

Data Protection Operations Manager & Chief of Staff, Cisco

Lynne Bird Panelist

Program Manager, Microsoft

Lessons Learned for Running a Successful Technology Proof of Concept (POC)

10:30am –11:30am   add to calendar

As technology is being adopted for privacy management, more companies
are assessing possible vendors by conducting POCs. There are
various direct and indirect costs that impact both vendors and customers
when running POCs. There are also different reasons why
POCs end up longer, more expensive, or with no conclusive decision.
This session is intended to explore those different facets of this technology
vetting process.

Anhad Singh Moderator

Sr. Enterprise Architect, Dataguise

Ramesh Subra Panelist

SVP Product, Dataguise

Martin Izenson Panelist

Data Platform, Visa

Christopher Glover Panelist

CEO, Identity Aware Solutions

The Challenges of Scanning Large Volumes of Personal Information

11:30am–12:30pm   add to calendar

New privacy technology solutions involve the scanning of large
amounts of data to find personal information and identities. As scanning
becomes an integral part of improving control over personal management,
the different challenges of actually completing scans efficiently
becomes an increasingly important topic for privacy engineering
professionals. This session is a combination of technical overview
and lessons learned when it comes to scanning large volumes of data.
The speakers will provide overview of key technology features impacting
scanning and then share their related lessons learned.

Thursday, May 2

Sagi Leizerov Moderator

SVP, Enterprise Privacy Solutions, Dataguise

Igor Perisic Panelist

Chief Data Officer, LinkedIn

JoAnn Stonier Panelist

Chief Data Officer, Mastercard

Guy Lehman Panelist

VP, Data Strategy and Enablement, Walmart

The Chief Data Officer – What Does This Emerging Role Mean for Privacy Professionals?

2:00pm–3:00pm   add to calendar

With more organizations adding to their management ranks the chief
data officer position, privacy professionals need to better understand
this key stakeholder. This session will be a moderated discussion with
CDOs from different industries. The panel will pursue two objectives.
The first objective is to better understand what this role means. The
session will start with a review of key findings from the IAPP/EY governance
report for 2018 on topics such as budget, levels, team size and
priorities, and have the CDOs on stage compare those findings with
their own governance reality. The second objective of this panel is to
learn how privacy professionals should work with the CDO for the most
effective engagement. We will discuss topics including what the CDO
has to do with personal information, the CDO’s contribution to accountable
and ethical use of personal information, and what the CDOs see as
an effective relationship with privacy professionals.

What you’ll take away:

  • How the leading data role is different than the leading privacy role in an organization
  • What privacy professionals need to know about working with the CDO

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