Livestream “Ask the Experts” Event on Data Discovery + Protection 8.0 Launch

For the launch of the Dataguise Data Discovery + Protection 8.0 solution, we hosted a 30-minute Livestream Question & Answer Event to discuss the news.

Our panel of experts’ answer the following questions (and then some):

  • How does Dataguise deliver the fastest and most accurate data breach reporting on the market?
  • What makes Dataguise discovery so unique, compared to everything else out in the market?
  • How does Dataguise handle cloud data platforms? (like Snowflake, Redshift, MSFT ADLS)
  • How do the new privacy and compliance features differentiate Dataguise from other solutions in this space?
  • Does Dataguise have any AI and machine learning capabilities? How do they work?
  • After reading that KeyBank uses Dataguise, can you talk about how they are using you? Or give some examples of how other companies use Dataguise?

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