Sensitive Data Masking Solutions


Dataguise provides industry-leading data masking solutions to ensure privacy, while maximizing overall data utility

Enterprises mask data whenever personal, confidential, or otherwise sensitive information needs to be protected while remaining usable by business teams. Dataguise's DgSecure delivers superior data masking tools just for that!

Multiple Data Storage Support
Mask data stored within various repositories, including relational databases (RDBMS), data warehouses, Hadoop, cloud stores & more

Custom Data Masking
DgSecure accommodates customized requests from organizations with complex masking requirements unmet by other solutions

Minimize Data Breach Risks
Unlock the full potential of an organization's data by allowing access to various departments, while decreasing the vulnerability from data threats

Curious about Dataguise's data masking software solutions?

The Musts of Data Masking

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  • When and why to mask data
  • What data to mask
  • Data masking vs. data encryption
  • Various data masking techniques and configurations
  • Best practices for ensuring maximum business value
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