Microsoft announces general availability of HDInsight on Linux

Yesterday, we unveiled our full vision of Microsoft’s Azure Data Lake. Our goal is to make big data technology simpler and more accessible to the greatest number of people possible. Simply put, we want to bring big data to everybody.

As part of this vision, we announced that Azure Data Lake makes HDInsight, our Apache Hadoop-based service a key part of Microsoft’s data lake solution. We also announced the general availability of HDInsight on Linux. This is a strategic step by Microsoft to meet customers where they are and our commitment to openness. This has been underscored by open sourcing the .NET core, our contributions to Apache Hadoop, and support for Docker containers. This approach to openness made it a natural decision to give customers the choice of running their Hadoop workloads on Linux in addition to Windows. Being committed to openness at Microsoft means we will continue to collaborate with others in the industry and being open in how we listen to our customers. We recently announced our support for Apache Spark, one of the popular open source big data projects, our contributions to YARN as part of the Azure Data Lake, and contributed the complete Power BI visualization framework on GitHub.

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