Dataguise delivers the most sophisticated and precise sensitive data security solution for Azure. DgSecure detects, audits, protects, and monitors sensitive data assets and is optimized for HDInsight and other Hadoop Distributions including Hortonworks, Cloudera, and MapR.

As your organization brings data into Azure, you can leverage DGSecure policies to precisely detect where your sensitive data resides, then apply protection at the element level, to ensure your Azure-based implementations are as secure as possible. Our turn-key solution will detect and protect these sensitive elements whether in motion or at rest, ensuring all of your PII, PCI, and HIPAA data in structured, semi-structured, and fully unstructured formats are fully accounted for and stay secure in the cloud.

Dataguise also offers the industry’s most advanced sensitive data detection and security solution for SQL Server and Oracle databases. DgSecure allows organizations to safely move more workloads to Azure by quickly and effectively inventorying sensitive data and applying protection at the element level, ensuring sensitive data elements are masked. redacted, or scrambled, thus greatly reducing or eliminating the potential attack surface area.

Dataguise’s DgSecure enables Azure adoption and unlocks the power of big data by detecting and protecting what is most important – your sensitive data.

For more information, contact Dataguise at [email protected] or visit https://azure.microsoft.com.