Data Protection Software

Strong, Flexible Masking and Encryption for Personal Data Protection

Ensure personal data is protected in the event of an audit or breach

Data breaches happen, all too often. But there is a way to protect your organization’s most valuable and sensitive data even if it does fall into the wrong hands.

Dataguise delivers the first fully automated, 100% programmer-free way to lock and encrypt cell- or field-level information across all data repositories. Our fine-grained, end-to-end, data-centric protection is the most precise available — giving your organization the highest level of security. Our encryption engines run as fully automated processes (agents) across standard Hadoop ingest methods (Flume, Sqoop, and FTP) as well as for data at-rest in certified MapReduce and HIVE agents for Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, Pivotal, IBM Big Insights, Amazon EMR, and Microsoft HD Insights.

Dataguise’s sensitive data protection capabilities enable large enterprises in industries including finance, insurance, healthcare, government, technology and retail to:

  • Reduce breach risk and data loss through sensitive data protection.
  • Address compliance, privacy, and regulatory mandates for PII, PCI, PHI, HIPAA and data privacy and data residency laws.

Data Protection Capabilities

  • State-of-the-art AES and NIST-recognized format-preserving encryption options.
  • Automated, policy-based encryption for sensitive data in TXT, AVRO, Sequence, RC, ORC, JSON, XML file formats.
  • Industry standard Key Management Interface Protocol (KMIP) client support for leading key management facilities provided by Safenet, RSA, Thales, and other KMIP key server systems.
  • The ability to control and monitor internal decryption authorization via internal ACLs, or ACLs mapped to existing LDAP/Active Directory authorization groups to gain better protection against insider risks.
  • Can be combined with data masking algorithms to give customers flexibility and choice when needing to share data with “semi-trusted” users either inside the organization or with external partners.