Data Monitoring Software

Identify a Potential Data Breach in Minutes, Not Months

Most companies don’t know they’ve had a data breach until months after the damage has been done. A recent study by the Ponemon Institute found that malicious attacks can take an average of 200 days or more to identify, while data breaches caused by human error take an average of 158 days to identify. It also confirmed that the longer it takes to identify a breach, the greater the cost.

Why does it take so long? With a plethora of security technologies in place, enterprises must sift through mounds of data about their data before understanding where real threats exist.

Dataguise data monitoring software offers an early warning system focused solely on safeguarding the sensitive data an organization truly cares about, cutting through the clutter to detect potential data breaches in just minutes. It keeps track of who is doing what to your organization’s sensitive data—whether stored on premises or in the cloud—and delivers real-time, policy-based alerts whenever unauthorized access or unusual access behavior occurs.

Dataguise Sensitive Data Monitoring Capabilities

  • Fast and easy creation of sensitive data governance policies using pre-built or custom templates—no coding required
  • Continuous monitoring of all attempts to access sensitive data and the results (e.g., read, write, delete, copy, failed attempts)
  • Immediate alerting to direct policy violations
  • Immediate alerting to atypical user behavior, based on profile analytics and machine learning—crucial to detecting threats from stolen insider credentials
  • Comprehensive coverage across on-premises and cloud environments, including Hadoop, Cassandra, Amazon S3, and Blob storage
  • Dashboard views of alerts, policies, metrics, and trends to understand the extent of monitoring coverage and potential exposure of sensitive data types or sources

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