Developer Library + API

Accelerate Development with the Dataguise API Library and Service

Seamlessly integrate sensitive data discovery + protection into your applications

The Dataguise API allows developers to embed Dataguise functionality within Java-based programs and workflows. It is made available in two ways:

  • Dataguise-hosted: Cloud-agnostic API service hosted in Google Apigee
  • Self-hosted: Library/JAR bundled with your code with flexible hosting options on AWS cloud, Azure, Google Cloud, or on premises; includes the API client SDK for the service

Either way, the Dataguise API enables the seamless discovery of sensitive data elements and element-level protection through masking, encryption, and monitoring. You can find and protect data within a proprietary or archaic format or during a data move (in flight), or you can embed or call our external API during the ETL workflow. Take advantage of our extensive experience and continual updates to the API and add AI- and ML-powered data discovery and protection capabilities to your app.

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