Thank you for your interest in the Dataguise and Hortonworks Sandbox. A Dataguise representative will help guide you through the installation. For reference, we have outlined the process below.


  • 32-bit and 64-bit OS (Linux, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8)
  • Minimum 6GB memory available for VM, and minimum 10GB disc space
  • Virtualization enabled on BIOS. VMware Player (Win) or VMware Fusion (Mac): OR
  • Browser: Chrome 25+, IE 9+ recommended. (Dataguise supports IE 10, however it is not supported in the Hortonworks Sandbox environment)

please note – currently the Dataguise Sandbox is combined with the Hortonworks Sandbox for a single download

Step 1: Download the Dataguise / Hortonworks Sandbox

Step 2: Installation

  • Once you have downloaded the combined sandbox and you have received the license key file, unzip the file ‘’.
  • Start the VM (*Hortonworks_Sandbox_2.1*). Click inside the VM and follow the steps on the screen to start it up.
  • Apply DgSecure License & Sign In: Go to this URL via your browser:

Make sure your host file from where you are connecting to the DgSecure application is updated with the IP address of the sandbox:

  • Enter username: user1
  • Enter password: Admin123
  • Click Sign In
  • Click the license link on the left
  • Click the browse button on the right in the install license section and point to your downloaded license key
  • Click OK
  • Click the install button

DgSecure is now ready to use for 30 days
If you experience any issues with the license please email

Go to Now you are ready to use Dataguise to define a custom policy, discover and protect sensitive data in Hadoop.

To Access Hue

  • Go to You will use this later when creating structures
  • Download the two files: payrollSeqStructure.jar and payrollSchema.avsc to your local computer.
  • Create Structure for Sequence: Select File: payrollSeqStructure.jar (saved locally).
  • Create Structure for Avro: Select File: payrollSchema.avsc (saved locally)