Thank you for your interest in the Dataguise and Hortonworks Sandbox. A Dataguise representative will help guide you through the installation. For reference, we have outlined the process below.


  • 32-bit and 64-bit OS (Linux, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8)
  • Minimum 6GB memory available for VM, and minimum 10GB disc space
  • Virtualization enabled on BIOS. VMware Player (Win) or VMware Fusion (Mac): OR
  • Browser: Chrome 25+, IE 9+ recommended. (Dataguise supports IE 10, however it is not supported in the Hortonworks Sandbox environment)

please note – currently the Dataguise Sandbox is combined with the Hortonworks Sandbox for a single download

Step 1: Download the Dataguise / Hortonworks Sandbox

Step 2: Installation

  • Once you have downloaded the combined sandbox and you have received the license key file, unzip the file ‘’.
  • Start the VM (*Hortonworks_Sandbox_2.1*). Click inside the VM and follow the steps on the screen to start it up.
  • Apply DgSecure License & Sign In: Go to this URL via your browser:

Make sure your host file from where you are connecting to the DgSecure application is updated with the IP address of the sandbox:

  • Enter username: user1
  • Enter password: Admin123
  • Click Sign In
  • Click the license link on the left
  • Click the browse button on the right in the install license section and point to your downloaded license key
  • Click OK
  • Click the install button

DgSecure is now ready to use for 30 days
If you experience any issues with the license please email [email protected]

Go to Now you are ready to use Dataguise to define a custom policy, discover and protect sensitive data in Hadoop.

To Access Hue

  • Go to You will use this later when creating structures
  • Download the two files: payrollSeqStructure.jar and payrollSchema.avsc to your local computer.
  • Create Structure for Sequence: Select File: payrollSeqStructure.jar (saved locally).
  • Create Structure for Avro: Select File: payrollSchema.avsc (saved locally)