CCPA Software Solutions

Simplify and Accelerate Compliance with the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA)

Do You Know Where All Your Organization’s PI is Located?

Whether you are a privacy professional or a technologist responsible for operationalizing compliance regulations, the fact is, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is going into effect January 1, 2020 and every impacted organization needs to prepare now. Failure to prepare puts companies at risk for serious financial, legal and reputational consequences.

The ability to have a holistic view of where your Personal Information (PI) and customer identities live in your ecosystem is easier than you think! Organizations can proactively monitor and set alerts to support data governance rules and regulations, deliver Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs), and follow-through on new rights requests, including the Right to Erasure. To be prepared, make sure you are asking the right questions along your data protection and compliance journey.

Key Considerations When Preparing for CCPA :

  • Scan: Know which sensitive data elements/identities exist
  • Scale: Plan ahead/scale to Petabytes of data
  • Type: Sensitive data can be found in structured, unstructured, semi-structured formats
  • Location: PI can be just about anywhere – on prem, cloud, SaaS
  • Governance: Apply governance to remediate PI gaps, both inside and outside of the organization, and always consider new repositories
  • Rights Requests: Ensure compliance on on the Right to Erasure when applicable
  • Automate: Generate DSAR reports that can be delivered without unnecessary cycles
  • Risk Controls: Ensure protection of sensitive data with masking/encryption

Meet CCPA Requirements with Ease

The keys to compliance are aligning business needs with supporting technology, as well as to operationalize and automate early. Dataguise has an end-to-end solution to help small, medium or the largest global companies that are impacted – comply with the CCPA with ease and at scale as the organization grows. This solution doesn’t move or copy your data and it empowers you with the ability to Detect, Protect, Audit, and Monitor sensitive data in real-time and deliver DSAR requests — all from a single platform. Dataguise has been partnering with companies in need of data protection and regulatory compliance for 13 years. Our technology and expertise runs deep.

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