Fueling Data Analytics Initiatives

Minimize the Risks and Costs of Using Personal Data in Your Enterprise

Give analytics teams better data sets faster and get even more value from your data.

Too often, data security and privacy concerns delay or prevent the use of valuable data sets in data science and analytics initiatives. Chief Data Officers (CDO) and data analytics teams need speed and flexibility to leverage data to drive business value, without worrying about whether or not the data has been provisioned for compliance with security and privacy policies. But resource-constrained IT teams may not be able to keep up.

Today, digital business must coexist with data security and privacy in seamless, automated workflows based on enterprise-wide governance policies. Dataguise delivers a highly automated and integrated solution for personal data discovery and protection that empowers data-driven analytics teams. Our AI-infused software can scan data sets for personal information and other sensitive data elements, and then automatically protect the data so it is fit for its purpose, whether through encryption or any number of obfuscation techniques that maximize data value. Don’t let data security or compliance concerns stop you from generating the insights, efficiencies, and revenue that fuel business growth. Contact us today to learn how Dataguise can help.

Key Capabilities for Data Analytics Teams

De-identification of personal information

Dataguise uses a variety of obfuscation techniques to achieve de-identification of personal data. The flexibility we offer organizations in how they obfuscate personal data is important for meeting different business needs, as those vary for different industries and levels of sensitivity. With appropriate de-identification, even the most sensitive personal data can be used for new business purposes and shared with other stakeholders.

Ready for analytics reporting

Dataguise can identify the data elements and data subjects that should not be used in analytics and use these exclusion criteria to produce a report on which objects (tables and documents) are ready for analytics, along with system meta data and paths to the objects.

Data asset and PI inventory

Dataguise provides a detailed inventory of the various personal data elements across different systems and formats, on premises and cloud. Whether in data lakes, large databases, or document repositories, Dataguise can identify and classify personal data based on applicable policies. The policies can be created and customized by your organization, or you can leverage pre-built policies we’ve included for common PI/PII elements, such as those covered by the PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, or CCPA.

User access risk profiling

Dataguise can identify authorized users (both employees and third parties) that have access to certain categories of personal information or data subjects, such as those related to country-specific regulations. Whether you’re sharing data internally or externally, Dataguise can help you keep track of users and assess the risks they pose.

Element-level masking/encryption for different users

Encryption can be a good solution to protect sensitive data when access is limited and original values must be maintained. But if the actual content or context of the data is meaningless or not important to the user, the data can be masked and made available to a larger audience. Dataguise offers both strong encryption and flexible masking options that can be applied based on the user who needs access to the data.

“Dataguise has given us the confidence we need to rapidly innovate while maintaining compliance.”

Tyrone Mills, Chief Information Security Officer, Trōv

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