Empowering Information Security Teams

Automatically Discover and Protect Sensitive Data Across the Enterprise

Ensure visibility and control of all your organization’s personal and sensitive data, on prem and cloud

For information security professionals today, eliminating risk may be the ultimate goal, but managing risk is the reality. Data is getting bigger and moving faster in messier-than-ever IT environments. Users are demanding more access to more data than ever before. A data breach seems to be a question of when, not if. But when your organization collects, stores, and uses personal data, the risks are infinitely higher and harder to manage.

At Dataguise, we learned early on that sensitive and personal data is really hard to keep track of and even harder to find, especially in hybrid and federated IT environments. It can easily get lost in the siloed seas of data across the enterprise, and you can’t manage what you can’t see. How do you apply proper protection and controls for data when you don’t know where—or if—it exists in your data stores? How can you mitigate an unidentified risk?

We’ve been pioneering personal data discovery and protection since 2007. Today we offer the most accurate, comprehensive, and scalable discovery solution on the market, along with integrated and automated protection options that allow for business as usual. With Dataguise, you don’t have to choose between using personal data and protecting personal data. You can do both, and transform information security into a value driver for your business.

Key Capabilities for Information Security Teams

Enterprise-wide personal data inventory

Dataguise provides a detailed inventory of the various personal data elements across different systems and formats, on premises and cloud. Whether in data lakes, large databases, or document repositories, Dataguise can identify and classify personal data based on applicable policies. The policies can be created and customized by your organization, or you can leverage pre-built policies we’ve included for common PI/PII elements, such as those covered by the PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, or CCPA. Learn more about our data discovery software.

Data masking and encryption

Data breaches happen, all too often. But there is a way to protect your organization’s most valuable data even if it does fall into the wrong hands. Dataguise uses a variety of obfuscation techniques to achieve de-identification of personal data. The flexibility we offer organizations in how they obfuscate personal data is important for meeting different business needs, as those vary across industries and sensitivity. With appropriate de-identification, even the most sensitive personal data can be used for new business purposes and shared with other stakeholders. We also offer state-of-the-art encryption and decryption. Learn more about our data protection software.

Data monitoring

Dataguise can keep track of who is doing what to an enterprise’s sensitive data, and deliver real-time, policy-based alerts whenever unauthorized access or unusual access behavior occurs. Unlike traditional IT monitoring solutions for firewalls, networks, or applications that can produce an unmanageable number of alerts and result in months of analysis before a potential breach is spotted, Dataguise is focused solely on safeguarding the data an organization truly cares about—cutting through the clutter to detect real threats in just minutes. Learn more about our data monitoring software.

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