Optimizing IT Operations

Minimize the Risks and Costs of Storing Personal Data in Your Enterprise

Optimize your resources with precise visibility and control of all personal data

Dataguise delivers automated discovery, protection, and reporting of personal and sensitive data across the enterprise, both on premises and in the cloud. Our discovery technology not only scans data repositories for PI/PII but also for information about those systems and their different users. Our flexible data protection software enables precise yet flexible options for encryption and masking in support of business goals (e.g., using offshore workers and other third parties). Comprehensive reports and dashboards then deliver unique, timely insights that can help IT teams significantly reduce risk and cost in their operations.

For every single one of our customers, we’ve found data—sometimes even entire repositories—no one else could find. That’s data left unprotected and unused, increasing risks and costs without delivering any business value—the reason for storing data in the first place. We’ve also enabled them to move to the cloud with confidence for reduced costs and improved processing power. Does your IT operations team have full knowledge of all personal and sensitive data that exists in your enterprise repositories? Contact us today to learn how Dataguise can help.

Key Capabilities for IT Operations

Enterprise-wide personal data inventory

Dataguise provides a detailed inventory of the various personal data elements across different systems and formats, on premises and cloud. Whether in data lakes, large databases, or document repositories, Dataguise can identify and classify personal data based on applicable policies. The policies can be created and customized by your organization, or you can leverage pre-built policies we’ve included for common PI/PII elements, such as those covered by the PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, or CCPA. Learn more about our data discovery software.

Data masking and encryption

Dataguise uses a variety of obfuscation techniques to achieve de-identification of personal data. The flexibility we offer organizations in how they obfuscate personal data is important for meeting different business needs, as those vary across industries and sensitivity. With appropriate de-identification, even the most sensitive personal data can be used for new business purposes and shared with other stakeholders. We also offer state-of-the-art encryption and decryption at the element level. Instead of locking down an entire table, encrypt specific elements and free up the rest of the data. Learn more about our data protection software.

Data retention limit alerts

Another enterprise level need is staying on top of retention limits. Identifying the data that can be archived or deleted is not only a compliance requirement but also a risk mitigation approach. Dataguise is able to track the retention periods of database tables and documents and alert the organizations on those that have reached the end of their retention period.

Managing cloud migrations

In a shared responsibility model, the cloud vendor manages security of the cloud infrastructure, but the customer manages data security in the cloud. Before your enterprise moves its data to the cloud, Dataguise can help ensure that all personal and sensitive data is obfuscated or left on premises. Likewise, we can help you assess the success of a migration and ensure that any sensitive data in the cloud is monitored for unusual access behavior. Learn more about the cloud migration use case.

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