Automating Privacy Operations

Simplify and Accelerate Compliance with Data Privacy Regulations and Individual Obligations

Make a big job that involves lots of little details a whole lot easier

For too long, organizations have relied on employee questionnaires and interviews to understand what personal information they hold and how it is being processed—an approach to privacy management that has significant drawbacks. The responses are limited to what employees know or care to share, are time-consuming to collect, and become obsolete soon after.

Dataguise takes a different approach, addressing privacy requirements using facts that are automatically and continually derived from personal data itself. Our data discovery software not only scans data repositories for personal information but also for information about those systems and their different users. Comprehensive reports and dashboards then bring these data points together to deliver unique, timely insights that are relevant across countries and regulations.

With full knowledge of exactly what, where, and whose personal information exists in your enterprise, privacy operations teams can take appropriate steps to protect and manage it in compliance with both data privacy regulations and individual privacy obligations.

Key Capabilities for Privacy Operations

Inventory and Risk Management

Dataguise creates and maintains inventories of personal information as well as the identities of data subjects. These inventories define the parameters of any privacy program, and they are foundational to managing privacy effectively at both individual and enterprise levels. To help organizations meet various business requirements for the data while reducing risk, we can also apply appropriate methods of obfuscating data for de-identification purposes.

Privacy Management at the Individual Level

Today’s data privacy regulations give individuals more control over their personal information than ever before. Dataguise helps organizations simplify privacy compliance at the individual (data subject) level by automating key processes, from fulfilling Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR) and erasing personal information and identities (e.g., the GDPR’s Right to be Forgotten) to tracking obligations and managing consent.

Privacy Management at the Enterprise Level

Dataguise can help address common governance and regulatory requirements at the enterprise level. Our solutions focus on the various business processes that involve personal data, from data analytics and application development to marketing and IT operations. We can validate that the purpose behind personal data is adhered to in its processing, produce records of processing activity, send alerts when data has reached its retention limit, keep track of cross-border transfers, help you assess third-party risk, and more.

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