Data Discovery + Protection Solution for Enterprise Data to Minimize Risks and Drive Better Business Outcomes

Dataguise has been pioneering personal data discovery and protection since 2007. For us, it’s not just about security or privacy compliance, but about getting more business value from data and IT. Most companies do not know where all of their sensitive and personal data exists, which increases the risks and liabilities of storing and using that data without delivering any business value. Personal data is everywhere – from file servers and databases to data warehouses and data lakes, both on-prem and cloud-based. Organizations need to know exactly what, where, and whose personal data they hold at any given time.

For every single one of our customers, we’ve found data—sometimes even entire repositories—that no one else could find. When compared to other data discovery solutions, Dataguise can discover any structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data defined as personal, confidential, or otherwise sensitive by an organization, in RDBMS, NoSQL databases, data warehouses, big data Hadoop platforms, cloud object stores, in-flight data transfers, and on-premises file servers.

Let us share real world examples and demonstrate how we became the industry leader.


Anhad Preet Singh

Ali Kazmi

Senior Sales Engineer – EMEA, Dataguise

Sean Glansbeek

Sean Glansbeek

Director, Private Protocol