What’s NEXT for the Google Cloud Platform? Products to Watch

Google isn’t like most companies. Just like their unique projects and initiatives, Google does conferences differently. At Google NEXT in San Francisco, attendees found an exclusive showing of brands personally using and endorsing the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Booths lining the walls were structured and uniformed, minimalist, and forward-thinking. Sessions focused on best practices for harnessing big data, navigating Google Cloud infrastructure, and certification labs for attendees.

The clean lines and invitation-only guest list fueled the event’s theme of ‘Imagine, Learn, and Build’ and we learned so much about what’s in store for Google Cloud. Here are some of the top technologies we uncovered:

Who: Pythian
What: PaaS, Google Cloud Platform Partner — make better decisions with better data insight

Pythian built its services and technologies on the belief that data can improve business processes and propel companies toward success. Their GCP tools help companies construct models to understand and highlight the value of existing and incoming data. Their expertise spans strategy, gathering analytics on everything from sales and marketing to predictive trends, and they help develop algorithms for advanced understanding of analytics. For those of us looking for insightful ways to leverage data with as much technological help as possible, this offering couldn’t be beat.

Who: Avere
What: Avere FXT Edge — scale data with ease, no rewrite required

Companies often try to add capacity to improve storage performance when migrating data. It’s not only a difficult process, but often expensive. With Avere FXT Edge, companies can scale data as they move it between enterprise NAS and cloud storage platform locations, like Google. Avere experts claim this tool eliminates the need to rewrite existing applications or change user-access methods, making data migration simpler and more efficient.

Who: HCL
What: VelocITy — a 360-degree framework built to improve the way people view and leverage data

In this fast, adapting world, IT processes are becoming more focused on agile methodology and user experience. It’s no longer about doing the task well, but making the task look good in the process. Enter HCL’s VelocITy, a tool that organizes separated software in a Software Designed Infrastructure (SDI) for better automation. Get ready to streamline your planning and mapping for improved IT processes.

Who: Wandisco
What: Wandisco Fusion — clone the data, double the protection

Duplicating data to multiple sources and locations in case of an outage or disturbance is an important part of IT infrastructure. As one of the leading providers of active data replication technology, Wandisco Fusion moves active data to the GCP in real time between any data source. Fusion also allows IT teams to test performance in on-premise and cloud environments as they operate, detecting and fixing problems before they occur. For an extra punch of creativity, they had twins manning their booth at Google Cloud NEXT.

Who: Maven Wave
What: Reveal — corporate videos padded with security and analytics

It’s a little known fact that we live in a digital world. People are all about the experience and choose videos over reading 75% of the time. Maven Wave understands this shift in workplace consumption and has released Reveal, a new video solution for hosting training videos, corporate communication efforts, and much more. The best part? You don’t just create the videos and hope for the best. With Reveal, you get added security and access to analytics to check out how your videos are performing.

Who: Persistent
What: RISK I/O — a passwordless user experience that keeps banks safe and secure

Persistent recently gained the patent and development rights to productize USAA’s military-grade security technology for the general market. USAA currently uses this technology to protect more than 13 million members who use their financial and insurance services, making this the perfect technology for financial institutions looking to better protect their consumer data.

“There are over 6,000 banks in the U.S. and only the top 10 banks are well-funded enough to be able to employ a full blown technology team to protect themselves from risk and fraud. The rest of the banks have to buy technology and services to have similar capabilities. This created a need for a commercialized offering for them to take advantage of, which we are trying to fulfill with RISK I/O,” says Rhon Daguro, senior vice president of the cloud at Persistent Digital.

Who: Imperva
What: Incapsula DDoS — a one-stop shop for network visibility and security delivery

Imperva developed a dashboard allowing customers to immediately view high-volume events occurring on their network and greater visibility into distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

“We made changes to provide layer 3-4 visibility on our content delivery network (CDN) — a feature that no other CDN offers. Customers can now see data resolution in 15 second slices, up from a 10-minute aggregated view. This gives them visibility into incidents and helps them tune their services,” says Imperva Product Manager, Ofer Gayer.

Imperva also launched application delivery rules that focus on security and delivery. With this update, customers can redirect, rewrite, improve control of resource allocation, and configure advanced security rules all from the same place.

Who: CloudEndure
What: CloudEndure/GCP VM Migration Service — migrate your data for free

Google recently collaborated with CloudEndure to offer GCP customers a self-service cloud migration tool at no cost. With a low-disruption process, CloudEndure allows customers to seamlessly migrate data to the cloud from their existing environment. No-cost migration from a console to GCP? Sign us up.

Who: Dataguise
What: DGSecure — one dashboard to rule them all

Dataguise provides a comprehensive dashboard tool for managing and securing your most sensitive data. They also had the best schwag at the show.