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Hadoop Best Practices – Data Privacy Protection for Hadoop

What is the bull’s-eye approach to data privacy protection for Hadoop? Bridging the priority gap between those who need to make data driven business decision and those who are responsible for enforcing compliance requires a viable action plan that provides the necessary protection with minimum impact on Hadoop rollout expectations. Download this Best Practices report and learn about the 10 simple steps that you can take to define the right action plan.

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Securing Hadoop – Discovering and Securing Sensitive Data in Hadoop Data Stores

This white paper explores the challenges associated with protecting Big Data environments and demonstrates how Dataguise’s innovative Data Privacy Protection and Risk Assessment Analytics software can allow enterprises to better leverage data in the Hadoop framework.

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Hadoop Unmasked – Security and Compliance in the Age of Big Data

We are entering into an immersive era of Big Data, where information proliferates freely and accumulates faster than we could have foreseen even a decade ago. This ever-expanding trove of data must often be shared with testers and data analysts. Download this whitepaper and learn you can identify and mask sensitive information.

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