As more companies leverage cloud services and big data platforms, we know that typical or traditional security methods don’t cut it anymore to keep sensitive information safe.

Typical and traditional aren’t our bag. We see ourselves as a one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge software provider focused on global sensitive data governance.


Here’s what makes us different:

We don’t just protect sensitive data. Detection is key to successful security and compliance efforts.

How can you protect what you can’t see? Detection (or discovery) is the missing link in most approaches to safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring privacy in the ever-growing world of big data and the cloud. Dataguise is the only vendor to seamlessly combine sensitive data detection with protection, auditing, and monitoring for a real-time, comprehensive solution.


We’re focused on making cloud migration safe and simple.

With more data to leverage and process, the power and efficiency of the cloud is becoming the key to unlocking the true potential of all your data. We’re the only vendor to help you move to the cloud with complete confidence that all your sensitive information will stay secure.


We’re the only one-stop solution that safeguards sensitive data across all repositories, on premises and in the cloud.

We deliver a single, end-to-end solution for securing sensitive data across the enterprise — on premises and in the cloud — saving you time, resources, compliance costs, and complications. From databases to files to Hadoop, from structured to semi-structured to unstructured data, we’ve got you covered.


We deliver the most precise, real-time, sensitive data discovery solution in the market.

Our data-centric solution is better at finding the sensitive data that matters most to your organization, in real time, wherever it lives or moves across all repositories. The more varied, vast, and voluminous your data, the more value Dataguise delivers.


We make sensitive data governance simple, so you can focus on business.

Keeping sensitive data safe is a 24×7 process — and it shouldn’t get in the way of doing business. We’re hell-bent on making sensitive data governance as painless as possible, delivering a solution that’s easy for business users to set up and use. You don’t need to write a single line of code; you can start securing sensitive data and getting in compliance in minutes.


We’re committed to preparing you for the future.

We live and breathe data, and know today’s data will look different tomorrow. Our team includes architects and experts in the US and India who never stop thinking about emerging data technologies. We stay ahead of the curve so we’re better positioned to keep sensitive data safe, no matter what’s new or evolving. Using our one-of-a-kind knowledge, we develop cutting-edge solutions that enable companies to manage the rapidly changing risks surrounding their data.


We’re the quickest and most nimble provider around.

We pride ourselves on being more nimble than our competitors, accessing new technologies and bringing state-of-the-art solutions to market at lightning speed. Being a hyper-connected organization means we are more responsive to our customers, and more flexible in adapting our solutions to meet their specific needs.