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"The Dataguise technology desensitizes information so that a breach is not possible. With dgmasker and dgdiscover in place, we can provide our customers and members with peace of mind that their personal health information is safe and secure."

- Nitin Gotmare
Director IT Molina Healthcare

"While 'big data' is a major area of interest among security professionals, there continue to be questions regarding the right approach to maintaining privacy and protecting against unauthorized access. Identification, protection and monitoring of sensitive data in these environments based on policy, as demonstrated by Dataguise, is an approach worth considering."

- Chris Christiansen
Program Vice President for IDC's Security Products and Services group

"We are pleased to add Dataguise to our Advantage Partner Program and our growing ecosystem that helps customers leverage Big Data through the MapR enterprise distribution for Apache Hadoop. Dataguise's innovative solution for data security intelligence and protection is another strong addition to the MapR Hadoop community."

- Jack Norris
VP Mktg.

"Customers are looking for enterprise-grade capabilities in Hadoop. In addition to data protection and availability, they want to safeguard data integrity. Dataguise secures sensitive data against unauthorized access and delivers actionable intelligence that reduces risk and ensures compliance."

- Alan Geary
Sr. Director of BD

"It doesn't take a clairvoyant -- or in this case, a research analyst -- to see that 'big data' is becoming (if it isn't already, perhaps) a major buzzword in security circles. Much of the securing of big data will need to be handled by thoroughly understanding the data and its usage patterns. Having the ability to identify, control access to, and -- where possible -- mask sensitive data in big data environments based on policy is an important part of the overall approach."

- Ramon Krikken
Research VP, Security and Risk Management Strategies Analyst

"Dataguise is delivering a very unique and critical technology set for the security and protection of Hadoop data. We are pleased to add them to our list of innovation partners as we all work together to deliver enterprises with 'big data' the flexibility, agility and security they need to operate efficiently and risk free."

- Ari Zilka

"While nobody is in love with the idea of compliance, the fact remains that securing data in a Hadoop environment is something that needs to be addressed. The more data there is centralized in a particular system, the more likely it is that someone is going to want to compromise that system. IT organizations are going to need to find the simplest, least painful way of demonstrating that measures were put in place to secure that data."

- Mike Vizard

"Complying with data privacy regulations can be a major challenge because Hadoop collects data from a wide range of sources, not just corporate databases, and concentrating so much disparate data in one system increases the risk of data theft or accidental disclosure."

- Rick Whiting

"Big Data poses a big challenge to security technologies; both in the diversity of the data sets they store, and the sheer scale of the environments which leverage sensitive data to perform analytics. I see data masking as a key technology to addressing data security and privacy in these environments. Masking, unlike encryption solutions, can secure a myriad of data types and still preserve value in large analytics systems and Hadoop databases."

- Adrian Lane
Security Analyst and CTO at Securosis

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Your Big Data Detected, Protected and in Compliance!

DgSecure offers a control center console from which authorized users define security policies and launch data discovery. Users can also define sensitive data that are specific to their industry regulations such as PCI, PII or HIPAA security compliance.

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DG for Hadoop

DG for Hadoop

Introducing DG for Hadoop, the industry's first data privacy protection and risk assessment analytics solution for Apache Hadoop environments. .

DG for Hadoop offers businesses a straightforward way to determine whether sensitive data is stored in their Hadoop repositories, evaluate their exposure and data compliance risk, and enforce the most appropriate remediation actions to protect their sensitive data.

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